through [thro͞o]
[ME thurgh, thrugh < OE thurh, akin to Ger durch < IE base * ter-, through, beyond > L trans, across, Sans tiráḥ, through]
1. in one side and out the other side of; from end to end of
a) in the midst of [flying through the clouds]
b) among [hiking through the trees]
3. by way of [a train that goes through Boston]
4. over the entire extent or surface of
5. to various places in; around [touring through France]
a) from the beginning to the end or conclusion of [to go through an experience, through the summer, went through all his provisions ]
b) up to and including [through Friday]
7. without making a stop for [to go through a red light]
8. past the limitations or difficulties of [to fight through all the red tape]
9. by means of [through her help]
10. as a result of; because of [done through error]
1. in one side and out the other; from end to end
2. from the beginning to the end
3. completely to the end; to a conclusion [to see something through]
4. in every part or way; thoroughly; completely [soaked through]: also through and through
1. extending from one place to another; allowing free passage [a through street ]
a) traveling to the destination without stops [a through train]
b) continuing on without making a stop [through traffic ]
3. not necessitating changes; good for traveling without intermediate transfer [a through ticket]
4. arrived at the end; finished [through with an assignment]
5. at the end of one's usefulness, resources, etc. [through in politics]
6. having no further dealings, connections, etc. (with someone or something): Through is also used in idiomatic expressions (e.g., get through), many of which are entered in this dictionary under the key words

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